About Us

Our origin

Born from the creative vision of Billboard-charting artist Gattison, our streetwear line blurs the boundaries between music and fashion. Each piece we create echoes the power, boldness, and trendsetting spirit inherent in his music, translating his transformative journey into wearable art. Our collection tells a story of the future, as envisioned by Gattison—where audacious creativity meets contemporary urban aesthetics. Our designs aren't just influenced by his music, they're an extension of it, capturing the very essence of his artistry in every thread. With House of Gattison, you're not just wearing clothes, you're wearing a piece of Gattison's story— a seamless blend of fashion, music, and the audacious spirit of the future.

Our ethos

Embracing the fluidity of fashion, our brand defies the conventional boundaries of gender. We champion non-binary and all-gender inclusivity, with designs that celebrate personal expression over prescribed norms. Every piece we create is a tribute to individuality, embracing a fit-for-all ethos without constraint. We understand that style transcends gender and our collection reflects this belief. Whether it's a graphic tee, a hoodie, or a pair of joggers, our pieces are designed to make everyone feel comfortable, confident, and chic. In our world, fashion has no gender—it's all about self-expression and authenticity.

Our echo

Our luxury streetwear brand redefines the boundaries of fashion by transforming the humble graphic tee into a canvas for visionary expression. Infused with futuristic elements, our designs are a true celebration of the new, the bold, and the extraordinary. Combining high-quality materials with detailed craftsmanship, each piece offers a one-of-a-kind design that transcends traditional fashion norms. Our graphics are more than just patterns, they are intricate works of art inspired by future aesthetics, harmoniously blending with the urban grit of streetwear. The result is a collection of unique, high-quality designs that not only set the wearer apart but also pave the way for the future of fashion. This is more than just our brand—it's our echo in the ether of the fashion universe, a resonating testament to our unique perspective and daring anticipation of what's to come.